Philip Jeck, sonic artist live performance Liverpool 2016

Philip Jeck.  Live performance. Liverpool 2016.

Philip Jeck.  Live performance, Liverpool 2016

Danielle, Fallen Angels Dance Theatre in rehearsal.

Lauren, balletic pole and aerial dancer, Stockport UK.

Claire and Linda at Fallen Angels Dance Theatre

Aleasha performing with Fallen Angels Dance Theatre

Phil improvising in the light at Liverpool dance rehearsal.

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre rehearsal. 

Kelly.  Fallen Angels Dance Theatre.

Lydia.  Fallen Angels Dance Theatre.


Mel waiting for pole dancing class.

Garston UK, art studio mural.

David Barnicle.  Liverpool songwriter at home composing and recording new material.

Philip Ashby, physical dance performer.

Joseph Reay-Reid and Bettina Carpi.

Ian Brown, contemporary dance performer, Liverpool 2016.

Joseph Beay-Reid, professional dancer and choreographer

Philip Ashby, physical dance performer.

Saw, Garston 2016.

Bur Jesta theatre company.

Bur Jesta Theatre company.

Mel with mandolin.

Mick Roach, reflector.  Singer songwriter, Liverpool 2017.

Artist at work, 2017.